Reflections of God’s Skin
Reflections of God’s Skin 44″ x 73″

I wish the people of the world would take time to observe how nature celebrates diversity.  Everywhere, the colors of God’s skin co-exist in harmony.  All of the colors of the majestic, towering tree individually shine while at the same time unite in a harmonious symphony. I wish the colors of the people of the world would do the same. What I see as I look high into the tree reminds me of a song I sang when traveling with Up With People in 1972.

”What color is God’s skin? What color is God’s skin?  It is black, brown, it’s yellow, it is red, it is white, every man’s the same in the good Lord’s sight.”

Techniques: Shape of the tree inspired by a photograph by Mary Berns Lewis. Over 100 different fabrics were used in this collage quilt.  Triangles were fused and stitched onto the background.  The tree shape is reverse-appliquéd to the background and embellished with threads and the texture of the trunk was created by collage and wash away stabilizer, machine quilted on  home sewing machine.