Together We Can
Together We Can 43″ x 56 1/2″

On the playground the third – graders race across the field carrying a huge earth ball.  The group of eight children must work together with their combined strength and teamwork to keep the earth ball from toppling to the ground.

We can hope that as our children grow and pursue positions of leadership, they will remember these simple moments on the playground and carry this spirit of teamwork and cooperation into the future in order to strive towards peace and to help preserve the earth and all its inhabitants.

Inspiration:  A 1993 family photo of the third grade field day at Monroe School, Hinsdale, IL.  My son, Greg, is the blonde in the blue shirt.

Techniques: The background of the quilt is constructed of 2” squares, the earth of 1” squares.  Wendy’s Picture Image Machine Appliqué, machine quilted on a home sewing machine.